"Necessity, The Mother of Invention" – George Farquhar, 1678 – 1701

In the 1990’s, it was first brought to my attention that there was a significant sector of the workforce that needed help. I observed Cytotechnologists and Pathologists living with daily discomfort and sometimes even pain from performing their job tasks. Many were making every attempt to get comfortable by raising their microscopes, putting packaging foam under their arms, wearing soccer pads, even putting beanie babies under their wrists… I knew that something had to be done.


Why work like this?
When you can use Wedge-Ease?


The Wedge-Ease started out with 5 different shapes and sizes. They were enthusiastically received. Since then, Wedge-Ease have evolved to accommodate users in various industries and environments, including clean rooms and ESD static safe. Our materials have changed to meet regulatory standards and the product line has expanded. If after visiting our site you’re not sure what to get, consider trying our start-up kit – one of each.
– Candice Woodward, PT,CIE, CPE, CSCS